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WildSmart is a program of the Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley and relies entirely on donations and sponsors.
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Living Smart with Wildlife

The WildSmart program is a proactive conservation strategy that encourages efforts by communities to reduce negative human - wildlife interactions.

Our goal is to develop a coordinated approach to education/outreach programs and help support direct management activities that will aid in increasing public safety and enjoyment as well as contribute towards sustainable wildlife populations.

We are a coalition of community members, government entities, environmental organizations and businesses. Through our combined efforts and common goal of reducing conflicts between humans and wildlife we formed a conservation strategy for the Bow Valley. The three pillars of this conservation strategy are Education and Outreach, Attractant Management and Bear Management.

Education and OutreachOur education and outreach programs teach residents and visitors to live smart with wildlife, and engage residents in community–driven initiatives that help reduce human/wildlife conflicts.
Attractant ManagementWe educate the public about what wildlife attractants to remove from their yards and campsites and assist in local initiatives to remove berry bushes from human use areas. Shepherdia removal is also an active program on town land and provincial park land in the region.
When recreating in bear country, your best strategy to avoid an encounter with a bear is to make lots of noise, stay in groups and be alert for signs of bears. In the rare case of an aggressive confrontation, bear spray is your best defense.

If you're planning an outdoor adventure, remember that you are traveling in bear country.
Cougars live in this area. They are generally shy and avoid people but encounters with people and/or pets have occurred.
Elk are commonly seen in this area. They are wild animals and can be aggressive.
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