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Top 10 Tips

Living in the Bow Valley, we are fortunate to live amongst an abundance of wildlife. These animals spend the majority of their day and night searching for food, and many of us have some very tasty temptations attracting them into our yards.

Wildlife that consume these common backyard attractants may cause property damage, and in some cases, injury to people.

The following precautions can help keep our neighbourhoods safe for people, and help keep wildlife in the wild!

Here’s What You Can Do!
Top 10 Common Backyard Attractants, and Safe Alternatives

Wildlife Attractant Alternative Resource
Outdoor Compost Indoor Worm Composting Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley
Bird Feeder (seed) Bird Bath Local Hardware/Pet Store
Barbeque Clean Drip Tray after use or store indoors  
Fruit-bearing Trees & Shrubs Review WildSmart list of Trees & Shrubs to Avoid List of Plants to Avoid
Pets Pet Kennel that is Securely Covered Local Hardware/Pet Store
Outdoor Recycling Wash recycling first and use Bear Proof Containers www.flyingpigs.ca
Garbage Bear Proof Containers  
Outdoor Fridge or Cooler Store Indoors  
Pet Food Store indoors. Feed Pet Inside  
Grass and Other Elk and Deer attractants Minimize Turf Areas. Review list of trees and shrubs to avoid List of Plants to Avoid

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