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WildSmart is a program of the Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley and relies entirely on donations and sponsors.
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Links to Other Organizations
& Web Resources

Government Organizations

Kananaskis Country - Provincial Park
Alberta Environment and Parks - Wildlife Management
Banff National Park - Wildlife Hazards

Environmental Organizations

Research articles that summarize the science behind wildlife corridors and wildlife tracking in the Bow Valley can be found at the Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley in Canmore. They can be reached at 403.678.3445 or visit www.biosphereinstitute.org

Information Centres

Alberta Parks & Protected Areas/Fish and Wildlife: 403.678.5508
Tourism Canmore: 403.678.5277
Barrier Lake Visitor Centre: 403.678.0760
Banff National Park: 403.762.1550
Travel Alberta Visitor Information Centre: 2801 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore

Informative Websites

Bears - General Information

Alberta BearSmart Program
Bow Valley Bear Hazard Assessment (PDF document)
BearSmart Society
Bearsmart for Hunters
Efficacy of Bear Deterrent Spray (PDF document)
Efficacy of Firearms for Bear Deterrence in Alaska (PDF document)
International Association for Bear Research & Management

Black Bears

Defenders of Wildlife - Black Bear
National Geographic - Black Bear
Hinterland Who's Who - Black Bear

Grizzly Bears

Alberta Environment and Parks - Managing Grizzlies in Alberta
Defenders of Wildlife - Grizzly Bear
Foothills Research Institute
National Geographic - Grizzly Bear
Status of the Grizzly Bear in Alberta
Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative - Grizzly Bear Conservation Strategy
Hinterland Who's Who - Grizzly Bear
Alberta Environment and Parks - Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan


Defenders of Wildlife - Bobcat
National Geographic - Bobcat
International Society for Endangered Cats- Canadian Cats


Alberta Environment and Parks - Cougars
VancouverIsland.com - Safety guide to Cougars
Hinterland Who's Who - Cougar
International Society for Endangered Cats- Canadian Cats


Cook County, Illinois, Coyote Project (PDF document)
National Geographic - Coyote
Ontario SPCA - Coyotes, living with wildlife (PDF document)
USDA-APHIS Wildlife Services - Urban and Suburban Coyotes (PDF document)
Canid Specialist Group - Coyotes
National Trappers Association - Coyote
Alberta Environment and Parks - Coyotes
Alberta Environment and Parks - Urban Coyotes (PDF document)
Hinterland Who's Who - Coyote
Grady, Wayne. The Nature of Coyotes: Voice of the Wilderness (available at the Canmore Public Library)


BC Adventures - Elk
Bear Tracker - Elk
National Geographic - Elk
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation


Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute
Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation
Friends of Kananaskis Country


Defenders of Wildlife - Lynx
National Geographic - Lynx


Defenders of Wildlife - Gray Wolf
National Geographic - Wolf


Defenders of Wildlife - Wolverine
National Geographic - Wolverine

WildSmart Affiliate Research

Bow Valley Bear Hazard Assessment by Jay Honeyman (PDF document)
Masters Thesis: Aversive Conditioning by Jay Honeyman (PDF document: 771 KB)

WildSmart Related Research

Masters Thesis: Communicating Across Species Boundaries by Laura Lynes (PDF document: 529 KB)

From Visitor to Participant: Engaging communities by empowering and supporting volunteers in Alberta’s parks and protected areas (PDF document: 1.2 MB)

Wildlife Deterrent Products

Kodiak Wildlife Products Inc

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