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WildSmart is a program of the Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley and relies entirely on donations and sponsors.
How to Donate
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Education & Outreach

The goal is to teach residents and visitors to live smart with wildlife, and engage residents in community-driven initiatives that help reduce human/wildlife conflicts.

WildSmart Education Programs / Services

  • Educational Materials
  • Living with Wildlife Workshops
  • Community Events
  • Speaker Series
  • Social Media Resources
  • Volunteer & Partnership Programs
  • Children's Programs
  • Nature for Newcomers

Nature for Newcomers

Nature for Newcomers is a program to provide New Canadians, Newcomers and English as a second language residents and visitors with information on wildlife safety in their language through online materials, print resources as well as outreach programs.

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Educational Materials

How WildSmart are you? Our Living Smart with Wildlife brochure was produced to help visitors and residents avoid and manage wildlife encounters, and is distributed throughout the Bow Valley and Kananaskis Country. This updated version includes extra information about road side wildlife viewing, mountain biking and pets.

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Social Media Resources

Our Social Media Resources include an interactive website, Twitter and Facebook page. Wildsmart.ca provides information on how to be safe on the trails and at home. Members of our online newsletter ‘On the Wild Side” receive weekly bear activity reports and in the winter a monthly wildlife report. Subscribers to our newsletter and Facebook page can post questions, add comments on wildlife activity and learn about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. WildSmart Twitter is used to post bear warnings, closures and upcoming events.

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Bear Spray Training

Living with Wildlife Workshops

WildSmart’s Living with Wildlife Workshops are designed for youth, young families, outdoor educators, people employed in the outdoor industry and outdoor recreationists. These workshops provide participants with the knowledge and skills to be WildSmart in the Bow Valley. Participants will join in wildlife safety orientations and bear spray training, learn about the challenges of coexisting with wildlife, and gain a sense of stewardship for wildlife conservation in the region.

WildSmart on the Trail kiosk

Community Events

WildSmart engages residents and visitors at Community Events year round.

How WildSmart are you? Speaker's Series
In the winter we hold the How WildSmart are you? Speaker’s Series to inform residents of recent wildlife research and issues.

Bear Day
This annual event, hosted by Alberta Parks and WildSmart, is a celebration and welcoming of grizzly bears back on the landscape for another year. It’s also a great opportunity for the public to learn more about our area’s grizzly bears and serves as a reminder that it’s time once again to be bear aware.

WildSmart On The Trail travelling kiosk
In the summer our WildSmart On The Trail travelling kiosk is present at numerous recreation events, trail heads and dog off-leash areas to provide on site wildlife safety information.

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Children's Programs

WildSmart provides specifically designed Children’s Programs for local schools, clubs and summer camp programs. WildSmart programs offer local children an opportunity to learn about our local wildlife and how to be safe when recreating/travelling outdoors. With older groups, bear spray demonstrations and training may be included.

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Volunteer Programs

Wildlife Ambassador Program
Since 2007, WildSmart has been working in a Partnership Program with Alberta Parks to facilitate a community based volunteer program. The Wildlife Ambassadors are a dedicated group of trained volunteers who rove trails throughout the Bow Valley and Kananaskis Country to provide wildlife safety information to visitors and locals.

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Other Volunteer Opportunities
WildSmart has several other volunteer opportunities for the public to become involved, including helping distribute educational materials and assisting with outreach programs such as berry bush removal projects. Volunteers can also apply to join our advisory committee, a group that provides program advice, support and opportunities for community input and engagement.

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