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Bear Activity: September 10 to 16, 2010

(Banff National Park to Bow Valley Provincial Park)

For the Period: September 10 to 16, 2010

The following summary is based upon a compilation of bear information provided by government agencies and unconfirmed sightings reported by the public over the last week. It is not intended to be used as a real time, complete record of where bears are in the valley.


Be aware of your surroundings, know how to reduce the likelihood of encounters, and be prepared should an encounter take place. Always use caution by paying attention to signs of bear activity such as scats, tracks, and digging. Make lots of noise while hiking; hike in groups when possible; carry pepper spray; and obey closures.

Education Tidbit

Bear activity is picking up in the valley bottom as bears try and fatten up before going into their dens. This means that fruit trees and natural vegetation that produces berries is a real target for both black and grizzly bears. Please consider picking fruit and reporting bear activity in residential areas.

Bear Activity Trends

There was grizzly bear activity reported in the Cougar Creek/ Eagle Terrace, Silvertip, Wind Valley and Lac des Arcs Zones this week. Black bears were reported in Georgetown, Quarry/ Grassi Lake, Grassi Corridor, TSR Resort, Silvertip, Bow River, Bow des Arcs, Exshaw, Lac des Arcs and Bow Valley Provincial Park Zones this week.

Important Notes

Bears are very focused on feeding at the moment and multiple reports are coming in regarding bears feeding in peoples backyards, particularly those residential areas along the Bow River.

Bear Cautions and Closures

Please report all bear sightings to 403-591-7755. For current postings of Bear Warnings and Closures please visit


Important Note:

Please do not use the comment box to report sightings of wildlife.

Report all bear sightings to
Kananaskis Dispatch

For current postings of Bear Warnings, Wildlife Warnings and Closures please visit the following page:
Kananaskis Country - Advisories & Public Safety: Trail Reports

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