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403.591.7755 (Local)

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Bear Activity: August 30 to September 4, 2014

(Banff National Park to Bow Valley Provincial Park)

For the Period:  August 30 to September 4, 2014

Bear Activity Trends

Chokecherry and dogwood berries are abundant this time of year in the valley bottoms along the Bow River. Expect heightened bear activity in areas along the river. Ornamental fruit trees are going to have ripening fruit on them this time of year. Please help us by picking the fruit from your trees and considering replacing these trees with other types of trees that produce beautiful flowers in the spring but do not produce fruit (see: ). Grizzly bears were reported in the Heart Creek and Rundleview Zones although these reports may have been of brown coloured black bears. There have been numerous reports of black bears in the valley this past week. Black bears were reported in the Exshaw, YMCA, Bow Valley Provincial Park,  Lac des Arc, Bow Flats, Dead Man Flats, Silvertip, Yamnuska, Grassi Corridor, Quarry/Grassi Lakes, TSR South and Bow River Zones. Please be vigilant at all times and carry bear spray. Make noise and let bears know you are coming. Maps indicating the zone locations referenced in these bear summary reports can be viewed via the following link:

Please report all bear sightings to 403 591 7755.


Be aware of your surroundings, know how to reduce the likelihood of encounters, and be prepared should an encounter take place. Always use caution by paying attention to signs of bear activity such as scats, tracks, and digging. Make lots of noise while hiking; hike in groups when possible; carry bear spray; and obey warnings and closures.

The above summary is based upon a compilation of bear information provided by government agencies and unconfirmed sightings reported by the public over the last week. It is not intended to be used as a real time, complete record of where bears are in the valley.

Important Note:

Please do not use the comment box to report sightings of wildlife.

Report any sightings of a bear, cougar, wolf or any aggressive wildlife in Kananaskis or the Bow Valley to Kananaskis Emergency Services 403.591.7755

For current postings of Bear Warnings, Wildlife Warnings and Closures please visit the following page:
Kananaskis Country - Advisories and Public Safety

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