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Author Archives: wildsmart

Bear Activity: September 21 to September 27

There continue to be reports of black bears in and around Canmore and the MD of Bighorn hamlets, primarily feeding in fruit trees in yards. Bears are being drawn into residential areas by people allowing fruit and berries to accumulate on trees in their yards. These attractants bring bears and humans close together, creating public and wildlife safety concerns. A trap has been set…

Bear Activity: September 14 to September 20

The cold and rainy weather has not stopped the bears from moving around looking for food. Bears continue to be seen feeding in fruit trees in backyards on both sides of the valley! Some of these bears have even caused extensive…

Happy 40th Birthday K-Country!

For 40 years, Kananaskis Country has been a place of conservation, recreation and discovery for all who visit. Come celebrate with us on Saturday, September 22 at the Peter Lougheed Discovery Centre.

Bear Activity: September 7 to September 13

We may have snow in the valley but that does not mean that the bears are going to sleep anytime soon. With buffaloberry season coming to an end, bears have moved on to eating dogwood, mountain ash and other fruits and berries in the valley bottoms, and some bears have been staying at higher…

Bear Activity: August 31 to September 6

There continues to be bear activity on both sides of the Bow Valley in residential areas, and bears have recently been seen feeding in trees in backyards. A group of people walking through Riverside Park in Canmore were recently approached by both female and male elk…

Bear Activity: August 24 to August 30

Labour day weekend is here and bears have made the headlines this week! Black bears continue to be seen in residential areas and backyards on both sides of the valley, in and around Canmore and the MD of Bighorn hamlets. A black bear was immobilized and relocated from…

Bear Activity: August 17 to August 23

Multiple black bears continue to be seen on both sides of the valley, in and around Canmore and in residential areas. There have been several recent incidents of black bears in backyards eating…

Bear Activity: August 10 to August 16

Multiple black bears have been seen throughout the Bow Valley (on both sides of the valley), in and around Canmore, in residential areas and in the nearby MD of Bighorn hamlets. At this time of year bears are in search of buffaloberries and they have recently been seen along popular walking trails such as…

Bear Activity: August 3 to August 9

Bears are moving through neighbourhoods in the Bow Valley in search of buffaloberries, and there have been several reports of bears in backyards! Berry bushes and fruit trees are the main attractants drawing bears into…

Bear Activity: July 27 to August 2

Both grizzly and black bears have been seen on both sides of the valley near Canmore feeding on berries. Be vigilant and take extra precautions so as not to surprise bears focused on eating berries. When bears are surprised they can…

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