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Bear Activity: April 16 to 22, 2010

There has been grizzly activity in Harvie Heights / Benchlands, Silvertip, Mt. Lady MacDonald, Alpine Club and Bow Flats Zones this week. There were no reports of black bears this week. An unknown female bear with two young of year cubs was seen crossing the 1A between Gap Hill and Bow Flats Zones.

Wildlife Activity: two weeks preceding April 9, 2010

Bear tracks have been observed in the north side of the valley between Canmore and Harvie Heights. A cougar was approaching dogs (off leash) in the Cougar Creek area. This area has been closed until further notice.

Wildlife Activity: two weeks preceding March 12, 2010

Wildlife activity in the valley is relatively quiet from the perspective of interactions with people. Coyote sightings continue to occur but there have been no unusual interactions reported. Bear tracks were observed in the Pigeon Mountain area last week. Its not clear if this bear will go back into its den or not. This does serve as a reminder to be aware of wildlife activity at any time of the year.

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