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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Bear Activity: October 19 to October 25, 2012

There was no black bear activity for the Bow Valley this week. There was a single grizzly bear report on Three Sisters Parkway.

Bear Activity: October 12 to October 18, 2012

Black bear activity was reported in Silvertip and Exshaw zones. Grizzly bear reports occurred in Bow Flats, Bow Des Arcs, Wind Valley zone. Some of these grizzly bears may have been light colored black bears.

Bear Activity: October 5 to October 11, 2012

There was little bear activity reported in the Bow Valley for the week of Oct 5-11th. Some reports of black bears were reported in Exshaw, Bow Valley Provincial Park and the YMCA zones. There was one report of a grizzly bear and cub south of Highway 1A in the Bow Des Arc zone. It was unconfirmed as to whether this was a grizzly bear or brown coloured black bear.

Bear Activity: September 28 to October 4, 2012

There was extensive bear activity reported on the Benchlands and Silvertip area this week. Dead Mans Flats, Lac Des Arc, Wind Valley, Exshaw and Bow Valley Provincial Park also had several black bear sightings this week. Several reports of grizzly bear were received from the Silvertip area as well as several reports of brown coloured black bears in the area. Some of the grizzly reports may have actually been brown black bears but this has not been confirmed.

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