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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Pat Kamenka, Chair of Bow Valley WildSmart wins Mayor’s Award for Environmental Stewardship

Pat Kamenka, Chair of Bow Valley WildSmart wins Mayor’s Volunteer Award for Environmental Stewardship

Wildlife Activity Report: April 2011

Wildlife Activity

Grizzly bears are currently denning in Kananaskis Country and the Bow Valley. Soon Alberta Parks volunteer Bear Monitors, Conservation Officers and the Wind River Bear Institute staff will be out with telemetry to see if any of the collared or ear tagged grizzly bears have woken from their dens and moved into the valley bottoms.

There has been some cougar activity in the Silver Tip area of Canmore. A female cougar and her two 70 pound kittens have been seen feeding on a deer carcass. Officials did not receive reports of the cougar in the area until several days after the first sighting. To increase safety and awareness in our community, please report cougar sightings. If a carcass is found near residential areas, officers will often move it to a more secluded area for the cat to continue feeding.

This is the time of year that deer populations are most food stressed. The hard crusted snow makes it difficult for them to access vegetation. Often this leads deer to come closer to town and feed in residential areas. Please give them lots of space and walk pets on leash.

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