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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Wildlife Activity Report: March 2011

Wildlife Activity

There have been several sightings of coyotes in the Cougar Creek residential area (near Elizabeth Rummel, Grizzly Crescent, Silvertip Crescent). Please ensure dog food, garbage, recycling and other wildlife attractants are removed from your property. Food scraps left out for birds and rabbits are also an attractant for coyotes.

There was one cougar sighting in southeast Canmore in February. A local wildlife tracker recently found cougar tracks in the Three Sisters and Wind Valley areas. He noted that when the weather is cold and snow deep, ungulates prefer south-facing, wind blown slopes. Wind Ridge and Pigeon Mountain offer these advantages and have traditionally been great places for them in the past. The slopes along the north side of the Bow Valley, Mt Lady McDonald and Grotto Mountain are typically used by wintering ungulates and as a result receive increased use by carnivores. Golf courses in the valley also provide good foraging areas and afford a level of predation protection due to human presence.

Skoki, a collared wolf who frequents Banff National Park, has been spending a significant amount of time in the Kananaskis Valley, but has yet to make an appearance in the Bow Valley.

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