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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Wildlife Activity Report: February 2011

There have been numerous reports in the past few weeks of a coyote with an injured leg near the Canmore Nordic Centre.

A cougar killed a big horn sheep in one of the day use areas. Please continue to keep dogs on leash as they may be attracted to the scent of carcasses.

Elk have been seen on and near the Trans Canada highway recently. The cattle guards filled with snow from recent snowfall and elk were able to travel over them and access areas adjacent to the highway. The cattle guards have been cleared but drivers should be aware that elk and deer may gain access to areas of the highway that have been fenced. Always watch for wildlife and drive the speed limit as you travel through the Bow Valley.

Wildlife Activity Report: January 2011

There have been no reports of bears in the Bow Valley in recent weeks and we are well into the winter season. The exact timing of denning varies with sex, age, reproductive status, location, weather. Bears tend to search out an appropriate den location when food resources diminish, temperatures drop, snow falls, and daylight becomes shorter. Time to excavate a den. Bear sightings in January are rare although they have been reported. Winter recreationists should still be aware of their surroundings, make noise and keep bear spray close and in a warm location in case of conflict with other wildlife such as coyotes and cougars.

No sightings of cougars or coyotes have been reported recently. Both coyote and cougars are active in the winter and move through the Bow Valley frequently in search of food sources such as deer and elk. In the past, both species have been known to take off-leash dogs. Keep pets and children close by when in your yard and on the trail.

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