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Wildlife Activity Report

Wildlife Activity Report: June 25th, 2010


(Banff National Park to Bow Valley Provincial Park)
The following summary is based upon wildlife information provided by government agencies and unconfirmed sightings reported by the public over the last two weeks. It is not intended to be used as a real time, complete record of where wildlife is in the valley.

Be aware of your surroundings, know how to reduce the likelihood of encounters, and be prepared should an encounter take place. Always use caution by paying attention to signs of wildlife activity such as scats, tracks, and diggings. Make lots of noise while recreating; hike in groups when possible; carry pepper spray; and obey closures.

Education Tidbit
One study found that on average an outdoor cat will kill one songbird a week. Learn more about the impact of domestic pets on songbirds in the book Silence of the Songbirds: How we are losing the world’s songbirds and what we can do to save them by Bridget Struchbury.

Wildlife Activity
It appears the spring/summer season is behind by 2- 3 weeks. Please continue to expect to encounter ungulates, particularly elk and deer, with newborn calves. Over the past few weeks, we have been receiving reports of aggressive encounters with elk and of orphaned or injured deer fawns. Give these animals space as they can be quite protective of their young, and may perceive you to be a threat. Newborns will spend much time alone in their early days and will appear lifeless in order to avoid detection by predators. Hence, the well-meaning reports received by the public that a fawn has been ‘orphaned’ or is injured. Please do not touch or approach these calves, as they have likely been left alone while their mother continues to feed nearby. Off leash dogs can easily kill newborn calves. Please keep your dogs on a leash.

Birds are also still nesting at this time. Off-leash or free-ranging cats are responsible for a large portion of young bird mortality. Please keep your cats indoors.

Incidents of deer and elk mortality on the highways have been occurring on a regular basis throughout the Bow Valley. Obey speed limits and watch for wildlife on the roads.

Important Notes
If you encounter an animal (elk, deer, wolf, cougar etc) on the trail or close to you, leave the area. This will prevent the animal from getting used to people. If the animal does approach you, increase your distance. If it persists, try and appear large and speak firmly to the animal. Pick up a large stick if one is handy. Prepare your bear spray and discharge it in the animal’s face if necessary.

Wildlife Cautions/ Closures
Please report all bear/ cougar or unusual wildlife sightings to 403-591-7755. For current postings of Wildlife Warnings and Closures please visit

Important Note:

Please do not use the comment box to report sightings of wildlife.

Report any sightings of a bear, cougar, wolf or any aggressive wildlife in Kananaskis or the Bow Valley to Kananaskis Emergency Services 403.591.7755

For current postings of Bear Warnings, Wildlife Warnings and Closures please visit the following page:
Kananaskis Country - Advisories and Public Safety

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