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WildSmart is a program of the Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley and relies entirely on donations and sponsors.
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Why Be WildSmart?

Human Use

Human use continues to increase in the Bow Valley; hence, wildlife and people are increasingly competing for a finite amount of space. This valley is home to several towns, while at the same time functions as a major movement corridor for many wildlife species, including bears, cougars, and elk.

Human Wildlife Interactions

Every year numerous interactions between people and wildlife occur. Although most interactions are harmless to both people and wildlife, some can become a serious public safety threat resulting in public injury, property damage and/or dead or relocated wildlife.

Wildlife Corridors

A network of wildlife corridors and habitat patches have been identified and protected for wildlife, allowing them to live and move within the valley and around communities. To reduce conflicts and facilitate corridor function, human use in some of these corridors has to be regulated. Be aware of travel restrictions.
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